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Should Christians Play the Lottery?

At its heart, the lottery is gambling or coveting something that is not yours. But if you even back up and think about it a little bit, it is so much more about stewardship and how to handle finances.

Is It Possible to Pray Without Ceasing?

Praying without ceasing is all about developing a lifestyle of prayer so that you don’t just get up in the morning and have a stated time of 10-20 minutes of prayer and then not pray again until the evening.

What is the Full Armor of God? Bible Guide for Each Piece

The armor of God is an illustration in the Bible that reminds Christians about the reality of spiritual battle and describes the protection available to them. Each piece of armor has a distinct purpose and means of defense against temptation and evil.

How Do We Teach Our Kids Self-Control?

We must remind our kids that they are masters of themselves. It seems obvious, but children do need to be told that they can control their reactions. Here are some ways parents can guide their children’s development of self-control.

God's Top Ten Answers to Your 'Why' Questions

After more than 30 years of discipling women, I’ve come up with what I call “God’s Top 10 Answers to Our ‘Why’ Questions.” They are not in any particular order. But they are all based on Scripture and what it tells us of God’s character.


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