How Can I Find Joy in the Midst of Trials?

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How Can I Find Joy in the Midst of Trials?

We can find joy because we know that God is at work in us. It’s not something random or by accident that is occurring to us. We know it is God at work in us. And we know in Romans that God works all things for our good and so we can rest in that and find our joy in that. There is an ultimate purpose in what is happening.

But we can also find joy because we know what lies ahead for us. This is what Christ did. Hebrews tells us “For the joy set before him he endured the Cross”. We too have a future hope. Because of Christ we have a future joy. And Jesus scorned the shame of the cross and endured it for our sakes. So, we too can endure whatever suffering we are going through knowing that we have eternity with Him forever.

This world is not our home. The sorrows and cares of this life is not our permanent place. We know that what is happening is temporary and we have eternity waiting for us. And while we wait, for however long we are here, God is using that time to prepare us for eternity. One of the ways he does that is through trials and suffering. Our joy comes in knowing what God is doing and ultimately what comes out of it.

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